Creating for Local Fashion Link  happens to be the best gig on earth, and is one of my favorite creative outlets. I love sharing our fun with locals and fashion lovers. #LifeOfaFashionDirector

Photo Above: Ryan Swartzlander Model: Amela Husic Hair/Makeup: KC’s Bombshell Beauty Crew Garments: Re-Runs Concept & Styling: Calli Green
Photo Above: Tiffany Cody; Smash Glam Model: Amela Husic Hair/Makeup: Aisha Simon; Smash Glam, KC’s Bombshell Beauty Crew, Monica Martinez Garments: Re-Runs Concept & Styling: Calli Green
Photo Above: Eli Stack Model: Hailey Lauren Young Hair/Makeup: KC’s Bombshell Beauty Crew Garments & Styling: April Madden Concept: Calli Green